Regional Dissemination Event in Ostrava, Czech Republic

One of the CECI project partners, MSIC (Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre) in Ostrava, Czech Republic organized a regional dissemination event on 9.12.2021.

The theme of the event was the Christmas edition of SWAP & SEW: Upcycle trash into Christmas decorations.

The workshop was co-organized by the Ostrava Expat Centre and Centre of Circular Fashion (CCF) in Ostrava. CCF prepared the swap of clothes – altogether 4 racks of clothes hangers were available to choose from and even some men's goods.

Sewing machines were available on the spot, so participants could sew simple decorations and ornaments made out of textile waste, such as Christmas trees and flakes. Also, a lecture on textiles for the group of students was carried out. Altogether 15 people attended the event.

Upcycling is as old as humanity itself. It is the transformation of no longer serving but still usable objects into new objects of either the same or different value. Upcycling is about re-using materials and products, extending their life-cycle and saving resources.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and 200,000 tons of textile waste are thrown away in the Czech Republic every year. It is a consequence of consumer society. And we want to contribute at least a little to the shift of values and prevent textile waste. Swapping is a modern alternative to shopping in traditional stores. Therefore, we showed people another way to experience the good feeling of "buying clothes" and that is a swap. In other words, we exchanged things and clothes we didn't need anymore for other stuff that someone else would like to say goodbye to. 

 Centre of Circular Fashion - a centre that acts as a lab for sustainable fashion practices. It is a place where a lot of activities happen:

  • pupils can learn about fashion, the current system of this industry, its environmental and societal impacts, marketing, greenwashing but also solutions for a circular future
  • creators of all sizes can come and ask for help when choosing new innovative materials or trying to upcycle old deadstock
  • individuals can (learn to) sew in our workshop, swap, visit pop-ups of local designers, happenings and other awareness-raising events