A separate collection pilot of end-of-life textiles started at the beginning of November in Lahti as part of the Textiles into Circulation 2.0 project, follow-up project to Textiles into Circulation in Päijät-Häme. Textiles into Circulation project & 2.0 implement both one of the themes outlined in the Circular Economy Solutions for Citizens of Päijät-Häme – Action Plan.

There are three collection points in Lahti to collect end-of-life textiles. Aim of the collection pilot is to test the collection facilities, accessibility of the collection points and understandability of the sorting instructions. Furthermore, quality and composition of the collected textiles is studied, and functionality of presorting is tested.

The national separate collection of textile waste in Finland starts in the beginning of 2023 according to new Waste Act. All municipalities of Päijät-Häme will have regional collection points next year.

The Textiles into Circulation 2.0 project is carried out by LAB University of Applied Sciences, Salpakierto and Harjulan Setlementti and funded by the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme (ERDF).