One of the activities of the Action Plan of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre for the CECI project is the so-called ENVI Roadshow. The main goal is for municipalities and cities to share good practices related to sustainability, the circular economy, and the involvement of citizens in the implementation of these activities.
Our whole idea is based on the voluntariness of cities, municipalities and everyone who wants to get involved and share their successes and failures.
In 2021, we managed to organize 4 such events, and a blog from each event is available at , where you can also watch a video from one meeting- the good practice from CECI.

In 2022, we became part of the large integrated project IP LIFE COALA project, and thanks to it, we were able to move this whole idea further, expand it more, and above all, one of our stakeholders, Moravian-Silesian Investments and Development, will deal with this topic in the next 10 years. The main task of the integrated project LIFE COALA is to successfully implement the objectives of the “Adaptation Strategy of the Moravian-Silesian Region to the Impacts of Climate Change”.

Thanks to the COALA project, this year we were able to be part of sharing between the municipalities in the Region Brno - Židlochovice (Líchy) / Bratčice and also the Nový Lískovec district in Brno. These good practices from Brno were mainly beneficial for cities from the Moravian-Silesian region, which are struggling with the transformation from the mining areas.
The most significant good practice was the community centre from the Foundation “Nadace Partnerství“ , which is entirely built in the spirit of sustainability and provides a learning environment for the public. More information The Open Gardens is set in the environment of urban gardens that form a unique park area encircling the tallest top in the entire city. It is a truly unique space to experience nature, technology and city gardening, serving both as a model and blueprint for smart city development and a hub for nurturing civil society and environmental innovations.

The Nadace Partnerství is also part of the Adaptera Awards project. The Adaptera Awards are looking for functioning adaptation measures that help our countries adapt to climate change. The best practice examples get into the Adaptera database, which inspires experts and the public.
And another project is the „Sázíme budoucnost“ planting the future,  activity. The aim is to plant 10 million trees, one tree for each Czech citizen.