CLOSE THE CIRCLE - Mechelen is investing 75,000 euros in 5 start-up companies that prevent waste and wasting

At the press conference, held on 18 January 2023, the city of Mechelen announced giving a subsidy of 75.000 and business development support (in terms of consultancy) to five entrepreneurs whose aim is to involve all citizens in a circular consumption model: from modular sofas that are endlessly adaptable according to the family composition, to a rental platform for sustainable baby goods, the first circular construction material market with reused wood for do it yourselfers who renovate their house, a citizen who is making his hobby of making circular designer items in preloved wood into his job and a cargo bike home delivery service or market for packaging free or zero waste groceries.

These 5 start-ups will work with recycled materials or make recyclable or sharable products. This way they prevent wastage and waste. 

The city wants to have another 5 companies guided this year. Interested parties can submit their candidacy until 28 February 2023. "Anyone can participate. Just an idea is not enough," alderman Princen warns. "You have to be a little further ahead with a concrete elaboration."

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This has been a great achievement as a part of the CECI project to actively support citizens, organisations and entrepreneurs for citizen consumption and production in view of a circular economy.