CECI French and Spanish partners' participation in Interreg Europe's Reuse and Repair workshop

On 26 January 2023, over 100 participants participated in Interreg Europe's Reuse and Repair in Circular Economy workshop, where inspiring examples were showcased.

Two CECI partners were invited to present good practices: one from the City of Zaragoza, Spain with the good practice of The clothing store "Latido Verde" and one from the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France presenting the good practice Répar'acteurs: the network and brand of craftsmen who repair everyday objects.

The Key-learnings from this workshop are the followings :

  • Overcoming psychological barriers is a precondition to circular behaviours
  • Stimulate co-creation and combination of different measures
  • Invest in reuse & repair initiatives and training
  • Ensure proximity and easy access to reuse & repair facilities and activities
  • Use the entire toolbox for behavioural change to trigger waste prevention
  • Tap into available resources (ERRF, ESF, ERDF, …)
  • Foster value chain cooperation i.e. along DRS systems, craftsmen and repairers

Here, you can see the replay of the workshop: Reuse and repair in the circular economy | Interreg Europe - Sharing solutions for better policy