News from Aragon: Open Forum for Transparency and Active Listening

The 6th meeting of the Open Forum for Transparency and Active Listening in the field of domestic waste and circular economy between local entities and the Government of Aragon took place on 31 March 2023.

At the meeting, and through participatory workshops, the local entities identified and shared their needs and proposals in terms of waste prevention and separate waste collection. This information will help to adapt future granting scenarios to these demands.

Among the future grants discussed at the meeting was one related to the implementation of a library of things, which is one of the actions of the Government of Aragon's Action Plan within the Interreg Europe CECI project. The Directorate General for Climate Change and Environmental Education informed the local entities of the conditions of the grant, which will be co-funded with ERDF programme 2014-2020, and the upcoming publication of the call for proposals, so that the local entities interested in implementing such a facility may submit their applications.

Furthermore, work has been carried out on the development of a guide that will enable local entities to learn how to set up a library of things, describing basic aspects of the equipment, maintenance, membership, etc.