Consell de Mallorca organises an online webinar to assess the following Good practices from Mallorca :

- Participatory process for the creation of the Maritime Museum of Mallorca and and Drafting and implementation of a Decalogue of Good Practices on the Sea in Mallorca. Promoted by Maritime Museum of Mallorca. Guest speaker: Albert Forés, director of the museum.

- Gàlibs project: research on traditional wooden boats to preserve the traditional shipbuilder trade in Mallorca. The wooden boat is the keystone of traditional shipbuilder trade. Thus, “Gàlibs” project aims to preserve part of this know-how through the compilation of templates (called “gàlibs” in local language) from wooden boats designed by shipbuilders and try to obtain as much information as possible about abandoned and structurally unsound boats. 

GP promoted by the Maritime Heritage Unit of the Sustainability and Environment Department of Consell de Mallorca. Guest speaker: Bernat Oliver Font, historian, member of the Maritime Heritage Unit.

The webinar is meant for CHERISH project partners and their stakeholders, but if you are interested in joining, please send an email to [email protected]