On the 1st and 2nd of July 2021, the Municipality of Kavala organized an online event with the objective to introduce Good Practices that are being implemented not only at the Region of Eastern Macedonia, but also in the wider area of Greece. Among a plethora of good practices, three good practices were selected to be presented at the CHERISH partners since they cover a wide range of methodologies. Let’s find out about these initiatives!

Fishing boat at sunset                         No age limit to the people who love the sea
(Efstratios Lales)                                   (Sofia Mourouzidou)

Labeling environmentally friendly products
The first good practice was presented by Ms. Mirli (the representative of the Nestos Delta, Lakes Vistonida-Ismarida and Thassos Island Management Body) and was named “Labeling on Quality and Cooperation with East Macedonia-Thrace National Park”. The practice concerns the labeling of products and services that are being environmentally friendly produced in the National Park. 

Getting back from fishing
(Kanelli Eugenia)

Fishing, education and local impact
The second presented good practice was on protecting the marine environment through educating fishing communities. This practice was introduced by the Policy & Finance Manager of Enaleia, Mr Nikos Therapos. In fact, Mr Lefteris Arapakis, the director of the social organisation “Enaleia”, was awarded with the price of the Young Champion of the Earth 2020 for Europe, the United Nations Environment Programme's leading initiative to engage youth in tackling the world's most pressing environmental challenges. Enaleia is the first Greek fishing school that aspires to provide fishers with education about contemporary climate issues and teaches them sustainable fishing techniques, empowering them to fight marine plastic pollution and overfishing. Additional information on the Enaleia teaching case study can be found here and for the initiative here!

Boat arriving at 3:00 am at Kavala               Ready to receive fish 
(Georgios Baltatzis)                                         (Aslanidou Militsa)

Sustainability, fishers profession and fish stocks
“Responsible Fishing” is an initiative presented by Konstantinos Liarikos, head of development department WWF Greece, with the support of Dr. Manos Koutrakis, the Head of the Fisheries Research Institute (INALE). The project of responsible fishing aims at ensuring the fishers profession and fish stocks. The project also provides consumers with traceable and sustainable products, while ensuring the environmental status of the local marine environment. It was a pioneering program aiming at improving the sustainability of Kavala’s small fishing boat fleet, which mainly fishes for anchovies and sardines. Further information on the initiative could be found at this video!

Photo exhibition
Along with the presentation of the Good Practices and their assessment, the team of the municipality of Kavala also held an online tour of the photography exhibition that, due to the COVID, was not open for the public. The photos presented in this article are the winners in Greece. The exhibition is located at the Halil Bey Mosque, today known as “Palia Mousiki”. Apart from thanking the participants of the contest, the Kavala Municipality would like to express its gratitude for the sponsors of the event, Mantility, Psaraki restaurant, the Development Agency “Dimofelia” and the Social enterprise Eykalipsis through the “Selides” magazine. Without their support, the exhibition and the contest would not have been realized! If you want to visit the online exhibition, follow the link!