Innovation and Digitisation turns cultural resources into an important building block for the digital economy and provides jobs and has great potential for stimulating innovation in other sectors, with a competitive edge. The digitisation and online accessibility of cultural resources as input for added-value products and services can fuel innovation in tourism. It gives Europe’s rich cultural heritage a clear profile on the Internet, promotes regions and protects cultural diversity. Making the collections of cultural heritage available online is a win-win for culture, economic growth and individual fulfilment; it lends much greater visibility, attracts new visitors, tourists and researchers, as well as business to regional economies. Digitisation and digital preservation creates employment opportunities in innovative areas (3D) and tools for text digitisation or preservation of audiovisual material.

Riga Motor Museum: Towards excellence

Riga Motor Museum was opened after a large-scale reconstruction on the 2nd of July, 2016. The museum has gained broader and modernized exposition space, a comfortable and enjoyable environment for visitors, as well as accessibility for everyone. At the same time we have preserved the museum’s historical architecture and the specific Motor Museum’s atmosphere. The author of the reconstruction project is “Projektēšanas birojs ARHIS” Ltd. Reconstruction works are carried out by “Skonto būve” Ltd.

The new exposition tells fascinating stories about unique vehicles, renowned individuals and important milestones that helped to shape world’s automotive history. Visitors explore and engage with the story using modern and diverse multimedia and design features, as well as participate in several interactivities. The author of the design project is H2E Ltd. 

The museum showcases more than a hundred unique antique vehicles and the collection is enriched with several significant acquisitions. The museum’s café, kids fun zone, hands-on exhibits, temporary exhibition hall, educational workshops and other entertaining events ensure a day well spent in the new Riga Motor Museum.

Riga Motor Museum audio guide - now available

CSDD Riga Motor Museum has prepared a new feature for its visitors - a personal museum guide to explore the history of cars. Starting from January the museum offers a possibility to explore antique vehicle history with the help of an audio guide.