Webinar A: Good practices for limiting the spread of the coronavirus at cultural & heritage sites & events (e.g. on the ground social distancing, use of antiseptic, face masks, testing, etc).


1. Welcome by the Lead Partner Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Cyprus

2. Purpose of Webinar A and some relevant Good Practices, by Advisory Partner ECTN

3. Good Practices in partners' destinations:

Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

Granada County, Spain

Vidzeme, Latvia

Pafos, Cyprus

Sibiu, Romania

Burgas, Bulgaria

Ave, Portugal

4. Good practices by CHRISTA theme (4 I's):

Intangible Heritage, by Ibertur/LabPATC, University of Barcelona

Industrial Heritage by, University of Rijeka

Heitage Interpretation, by Interpret Europe

Digitisation, by Europena (tbc)

5. Policy implications by Advisory Partner (external expert, University of Thessaly)

6. Discussion, Conclusions and next steps, by Lead Partner/Project Coordinator.