A visit with circular ambitions! 

As part of the Europeean project CircE, the center of excellence, cd2e and the Hauts-de-France region have invited some 30 European partners, representatives of European cities, regions and companies from the 10th to the 12th of April to exchange and discover innovative projects in terms of circular economy in the Hauts-de-France region (e.g. TRISELEC, La Lainière , CETI, etc.)



Focus on 3 remarkable sites: CETI, La Lainière and TRISELEC

Together with their enterprises, consultants and other stakeholders, the representatives of the Lombardy Region in Italy, the Government of Catalonia, the Marshal Office of the Lower Silesian Province in Poland, the Province of Gelderland in the Netherlands, the London Waste Recycling Board in England, the Municipality of Sofia in Bulgaria and the Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (gathering 178 municipalities) closed today (i.e. on the 12th of April 2018) a programme of three days of visits and exchanges in the Hauts-de-France region, dedicated to the circular economy. 

Targeting the policy and economic obstacles to the implementation of the circular economy on a territory, finding solutions to raise them while being inspired by good practices carried out everywhere in Europe – such is the ambition of the partners involved in the European project CircE (co-funded within the EU programme INTERREG Europe). 

During these three days of visits, the partners were able to discover: 

- The waste sorting centre TRISELEC in Halluin. The visit has made possible to get acquainted with the waste collecting organisation and also the waste recycling on the Lille Métropole territory, which treats nowaday 100 000 tons of waste per year. TRISELEC gives a huge importance to professional intergation.

- The house of the La Lainière project in Roubaix. First « cradle to cradle » building in France in which the site developper (SEM Ville Renouvelée) is realizing an innovative circular economy approch for the whole neighbourghood and its inhabitants.

- The CETI (European Center for Innovative Textiles) in Tourcoing. From this emblematic district of the textile industry, the CETI is the flagship project of the French technical textile. CETI has been working for several years on the sustainable aspects of technical textiles, with its prototyping lines. Special attention was paid by the REWIND project partners, a unique textile recycling prototyping project in Europe.

The cd2e wanted to highlight all the projects undertaken in the Hauts-de-France region and to involve a large number of French stakeholders such as Emilie DURIGNEUX (SEM Ville Renouvelée) and Yves-Antoine BAUCHE (city of Roubaix), Nor-Edine ABRIAK (Mining Telecom Institute - IMT-Douai), Pascal DENIZART (CETI Director), Marc HAQUETTE (cd2e), Jeanne MEILLIER (UP-TEX), Stéphan VERIN (UP-TEX), Sébastien DEVIERS (Community Commons of Pévèle Carembault), etc. all involved in the circular transition of regional ecosystems.

Meetings, exchanges and B2B meetings were thus able to take place and intensify various textile, BTP, waste management, breweries, etc. related projects. 

Some of the participants will undoubtedly return to the International Congress [avniR] dedicated to the Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessment organised on November 7 and 8 at Lilliad in Villeneuve d'Ascq (Lille), France.

CircE, a concrete project to deploy the circular economy of the regions over the next 4 years!

Since January 2017, the cd2e (creation and development of eco-enterprises) and the Hauts-de-France Region as well as 7 other European partners (Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS), Office of Marshal of Lower Silesia, Government of Catalonia, London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), Municipality of Sofia, Gelderland Region, Lombardy Region) are involved in the European project CircE.

By following the directives of the European Commission, the project aims to strengthen the circular economy (EC) in Europe. 

To this end, the aim of the INTERREG Europe CircE project is to enable the 8 European partners to increase the capacity of local political authorities to orient their economy towards a circular model. 

After selecting the relevant policy instruments, the project aims to modify or rehabilitate them through a in-depth analysis of the economic system, ongoing participation of stakeholders, and partners' sharing experiences. 

All partners will meet again next June in the Gelderland region located in Netherlands.

Learn more about CircE project : https://www.interregeurope.eu/circe/

Details on TRISELEC : http://www.triselec.com/index.php/fr/qui-sommes-nous/nos-missions

Details on la maison du projet de la Lainière : https://semvr.fr/projet/maison-du-projet-de-la-lainiere/

Details on le CETI : http://hauts-de-france.direccte.gouv.fr/le-centre-europeen-des-textiles-innovants-ceti

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