Project News

EUvsVirus Hackathon to fight the outbreak


CircPro partner Prof. Gabriella M. Racca and University of Turin are official...

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Project Partner’s meeting in Bulgaria


Bulgarian Association of Recycling, hosted a 2-day event that gathered multiple...

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Italian Stakeholders, a new tasty member joined in!


CircPro Italian Partners, Regione Piemonte and University of Torino, introduce a...

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CircPro presented to ENCORE network


CircPro was presented in the CE workshop and ENCORE Steering Group meeting in...

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3rd Stakeholder meeting for Spanish partner


Stakeholders will try to define new products to be recycled

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Co-hosted stakeholder meeting offers new viewpoints


Finnish stakeholders met for the 3rd time to hear the latest project progress...

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UNITO - Green Office, 2nd ed. DifferenziamoLo Strano


The Green Office of UNITO (Italy), organized on November 19, 2019, the second...

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Lithuania’s private sector discusses circularity


During two stakeholder meetings in Lithuania it was discussed how private sector...

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3rd Stakeholder meeting for Italian partners


3rd Italian Stakeholder meeting hosted by Regione Piemonte

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Smarter and more Innovative Public Procurement


CircPro partner will publish a book on innovation in public procurement where...

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Stakeholder Meetings in Norway


Norwegian stakeholder group with long tradition for collaboration on climate...

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Involving new Croatian stakeholder to the project


The focal point of the meeting was participation of Zagreb County Regional...

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