Region of East Macedonia and Thrace organized on Friday, 19 November 2021, the Local Dissemination Event of CircPro project. The meeting took place at the Hotel AIR GALAXY, Kavala and at the same time there was the possibility to follow the proceedings of the event online via zoom platform.

The event was attended by representatives of the Region and the Regional Development Fund of East Macedonia and Thrace, representatives of the Special Management Service OP of REMTH, the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace, the Ministry of Development and Investment, the Municipality of Kavala, CERTH (National Center for Research & Technological Development / Institute of Chemical Processes and Energy Resources) as well as various executives of the Public sector of the REMTH.

Τhe event was greeted by Mr. Al. Politis, authorized Regional Advisor of European Programs, Mr. K. Simitsis, Deputy Regional Development Director of REMTH, Mr. An. Karagiorgis, Deputy Regional Director of Fisheries Policy of REMTH and Mr. M. Michailidis, Deputy Mayor of Development, Planning, Digital Services and Youth of the Municipality of Kavala.

During the meeting, the course of the actions implemented within the CircPro project was initially presented by Mr. D. Drakos, project manager of RDF REMTH, which now completes its 1st Phase and enters the 2nd and last Phase. The project will last until May 2023. The Regional Action Plan was presented, regarding the implementation of the Circular Public Procurement in the REMTH, which was prepared and approved by the Joint Secretariat of INTERREG EUROPE Program, as well as in examples of Good Practices of Circular Procurements that have been identified both within the Region and in other areas and regions of the corporate structure that participate in the CircPro project.

Topics of the presentations and lectures that took place during the event:

• Smart circular procurement procedures.

• The Circular Economy during the new Programming Period 2021-2027.

• Company circular evaluation indicators.

• Circular economy and entrepreneurship.

• Green Public Procurement (GPP) - National Plan for GPP and cyclical criteria.

• Circular building cities - URGE (Design of integrated urban policies in the circular economy regarding the construction sector).

• Innovation procurement: transfer of knowledge and experience to innovation mediators: The Prominent MED Plus and P5 Innobroker projects.

• Actions and results of the CircPro project Configuration of axes and actions of the Action Plan.

• Good practices of circular contracts.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Al. Politis thanked the speakers and participants who attended the event live and online, understanding the special conditions we are going through in recent years due to the pandemic. Then, he congratulated the Regional Development Fund of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace as well as the Technical Support Consultant of the project for the perfect organization of the event, but also for the remarkable effort made so far in the implementation of the CircPro project.

Through the CircPro project, the REMTH acquires know-how and experience in new terminology, which was ignored until now. Nowadays, Public Procurement is governed by a legal framework friendly to green growth and the circular economy, through Law 4412/2016 and Law 4782/2021, which are fully harmonized with the European standards and directives on the circularity of Public Procurement. Therefore, there is a significant change in the direction of Public Procurement Projects and Services. There is now costing of the life cycle of a product or a contract, as on the one hand the cost is approached in a realistic context, on the other hand specific conditions of circular economy are taken into account. The main reason that so much emphasis is placed on the above is the need for timely adaptation to the new economic model of sustainable development, the circular economy, with the aim of developing society, ensuring the adequacy of natural resources, etc.

You can find the webinar video in the following link