A good practice is defined as an initiative (e.g. project, process, technique) that has proved to be successful in a region and which is of potential interest to other regions.

The CircPro project partners have identified 21 good practices (GPs) from the partnership regions that could boost the implementation of circular procurement (CP). CircPro collection of GPs contains both operating models/policy framework and support measures facilitating CP in the regions and examples of actual circular purchases of goods and services. Visit the section “Good practices” on the CircPro website to read more about each one of them!


Buyers’ groups for innovative and sustainable procurement in the Finnish public sector

Market consultations as a tool for achieving sustainable goals 

Procurement Specialist Services & Change Agent for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement


Tender procedure for the purchase of green electricity supply for public administrations

GPP for energy refurbishment of public building promoting recycled and short supply chain materials

Vending machines: a participative and eco-innovative tender process design


Procurement model for purchase of PV systems equipment in public buildings schools

Circular model of street lighting procurement


Central purchasing systems as a centralised negotiation system available for contracting authorities

FECA - Fórum da Economia Circular do Alentejo (Alentejo Circular Economy Forum)


Urban mobility

Boosting the construction and demolition recycling market


Promotion of green public procurement by providing green technical specifications

Pre-Commercial Procurement of Nano Bitumen


Financial support for businesses to cover the expenses of the activities related to the application of European Ecolabel.

Green criteria in an electronic Procurement Register


Collaboration and early market dialog revealed potential cut in environmental impact from procurement of drugs.

Strategy for use of wood / renewable materials in buildings

Designing implementation plan for local strategies and policy instruments in circular procurement


Use of the carbon footprint as an award-criterion in a tender

Catalog of recycled aggregates of the Junta de Andalucía