It is a pleasure to announce that all ten Action Plans developed by CircPro partners have been validated by the Joint Secretariat and will be moving to the implementation phase. 

Action Plan is one of the most important outputs of the project, providing details on how the lessons learnt from the cooperation will be implemented in order to improve the policy instrument addressed within their region. It specifies the nature of the actions to be implemented, their timeframe, the stakeholders involved, the costs and funding sources as well as the way the actions derive from the project.

Action Plans are developed to transform the interregional exchange of experience into concrete actions to be implemented in the respective region. This document is not produced to be stored in a self - Phase 2 of the project is meant specifically to implement the Action Plan in each partner region. Based on the exchange of experience activities, which were performed in the frame of the CircPro project to facilitate the process of interregional learning and knowledge transfer, CircPro partners identified a set of activities with an impact on the selected policy instrument which will enhance the implementation of circular economy practices in the participating region.

Following actions are going to be implemented in ten partner regions:


1. Improving the Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria to incorporate the principles of Circular Public Procurement (CPP)

2. Incorporating circular economy principles into the Lithuanian smart specialization strategy


1. Monitoring of the implementation of Measure 1.5 of the Smart City Strategy of the City of Ivanić-Grad related to GPP/CPP

2. Improvement of the Ordinance on the Implementation of Simple Procurement Procedures of the City of Ivanić-Grad by introduction of the CPP/GPP principles

Finland, Kymenlaakso region

1. Incorporating CP and the amount of CP as an indicator into the text of the regional RIS3 Strategy (Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation)

2. Incorporating CP in the text of the regional "Carbon Neutral Kymenlaakso 2040 Roadmap"

3. Incorporating CP in the text of the "Environmental Programme of the City of Kouvola"

The targets mentioned above have been already achieved and CPP is included in Kymenlaakso’s policy documents. The second phase of the project will be devoted to monitoring of the territorial effect of these policy changes. 


1. Incorporation of CPP into National Waste Management Plan 2021-2028

2. Circular criteria for high value added procurement: develop and disseminate a catalog of environmentally friendly as well as recycled materials that are suitable for use in the construction of buildings.


1. Integrating circular procurement into national strategic documents: improvement of the national waste plan and environmental protection programme.

2. Develop recommendations for the Procurement register

3. Enhance procurers' capacity on GPP and CP


1. Enhanced capacity for utilizing Green Public Procurement: Skills development of the contracting authorities, informing market representatives and entrepreneurs

2. Introducing CPP in interventions of the Regional Operational Programme


Enhanced capacity for the inclusion of circular and green criteria utilizing Green Public Procurement: operational programme staff that monitor and evaluate new applications and the regional entities that apply to new funding calls.

Italy, Piemonte region

1. Boosting environmental sustainability in regional procurement: structuring a Regional Green Public Procurement

2. Stepping up green criteria on public purchases

Spain, Andalusia

1. Monitoring of Smart Circular Procurement practices in regional planning instruments.

2. Improving knowledge transfer to drive circular public procurement


1. To complement Elverum Municipality's adopted Strategy for use of Wood with a concrete handbook with examples, advice and guidance

2. Adoption and implementation of an updated Energy and climate plan (SEAP) by the stakeholders, including sub-strategies.

3. Strategic recommendation on circularity in the building sector / circular use of circular materials in the public sector in Innlandet County.

Read all ten partner regions´ Action Plans in the Library, section CircPro Regional Action Plans.