According to the CircPro project program, approved by the Interreg Europe Program, the first meeting of Stakeholders of the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Junta de Andalucía was held in Seville.

It took place at the main headquarters of the Ministry, in Seville, the 5th of November, and concentrated 22 people from various profiles:

- Environmental system managers of the Andalusian Public Health Service.

- Procurement managers of the Andalusian Health Service.

- Experts from other the Interreg Europe projects with topics related to the circular economy (Symbi, GPP4Growth, Enhance).

- Managers of health services in the private sector.

- Contracting and and public procurement experts of the andalusia Government.

- Representatives of suppliers of the health sector and

- Members of non-profit organizations dedicated to the recovery of packaging.

It was the first stakeholders meeting of the project. The following activities were carried out:

- Presentation of the participants.

- The member of the steering group and the international affairs manager presented the Interreg Europe program, its implementation in Andalusia, and the main data and objectives of the CircPro project.

- Subsequently, the Manager of the Environmental Management System of the Andalusian Public Health Service presented the case of waste management in the Andalusian public health system, which will be the case study of this project partner.

- Finally, personnel assigned to the project presented the results of the kick-off meeting, held in Kouvola, Finland, last September, and reported on the role of stakeholders, expectations about their contributions and the next steps to take: Good practices search, interviews, and develop of regional guide. Also the participants were informed about the next celebration of Seville International Meeting, in May 2019.

After the presentations, there was an exchange of opinions, and the participation of all the attendees was striking, as well as a clear desire to make contributions to collaborate on the project's objectives.