The Norwegian stakeholder Group uses the meetings also as a network place. In addition to information about CircPro, various topics related to climate is discussed. Particular focus is on the opportunities the municipality has for a more sustainable development. Procurement is one of the municipality's most important tools for achieving goals within this area. It is often discussed what opportunities exist within the public regulations and what relevant requirements can be set in the individual procurement. The work of CircPro will certainly be important to get good guidelines for public procurement in our region.

We have held three stakeholder meetings since the start of the project. We inform about progress in the project and interesting experiences from the partner meetings and study visit. The first meeting took place in September 2018 and the second in March 2019. The third meeting was arranged in October 2019. Then we had a particular focus on examples of good practice from the Evora partner meeting. We also included a meeting with the County Governor on energy and climate action plans. In addition, here circular procurement was a topic. We will continue to organize stakeholder meetings at the same time as thematic meetings with climate-related topics. Then we save both time and travel expenses.

The news about our engagement in CircPro has also reach a procurement network in a neighbour region (Hamar-region), and we were invited to a network meeting to orientate about CircPro and our expectations for the project. They think it was a very interesting topic and will be kept informed about the process and upcoming results. There were also lively discussions about whether the market was ripe for circular procurement and how to measure results.