The 3rd main CISMOB event will take place on 8-10 October in Bucharest, the 6th largest city in Europe and one of its main industrial and transportation centre.

The event will be organized by ITS-Romania and Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority.

The 2nd Thematic seminar (October 9) will aim at developing a comprehensive framework and sharing conceptual knowledge about the importance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for promoting an efficient and sustainable transport system. The following topics are expected for discussion:

- CO2 emissions in national policies and European transport policy frameworks;
- ITS solutions for the future of sustainable mobility; 
- trade-offs and synergies between the public and private sector when the carbon footprint is considered.  

Other Interreg Europe projects are invited to participate in the event and share with participants their challenges and achievements so far.

A follow-up exchange of experience will take place in the 2nd capacity building workshop (October 10). This event aims at gaining an overview on how transport networks and intelligent transportation systems can be applied based on a holistic perspective for reducing carbon footprint, pollution levels under equitably and social cohesion concerns. The agenda of this event will include sessions for sharing regional experiences, Sessions for Interactive action with partners, stakeholders, experts and a plenary meeting session to discuss conclusions.

The event will be organized in parallel with the national conference of smart cities of Romania (agenda:

Several networking side events will be organized to promote the cooperation among the various CISMOB invited stakeholders.