The University of Aveiro, in collaboration with the municipality of Águeda, organised the first regional stakeholder meeting of the additional phase of activities of the CISMOB project. The event took place on 20 June 2022 in Aveiro, Centro Region in Portugal. This meeting was attended around 25 participants of various entities, involving representatives from municipalities, bicycle promotion associations, mobility consultants, public transport operators, transport authority, researchers and citizens.
The meeting focused on sharing research results and implementation of measures, actions and initiatives in the area of sustainable mobility promotion in urban and less populated territories. Several presentations were given by researchers, representatives of municipalities, bicycle promotion associations and transport authorities on the topic.
In this stakeholders' representatives meeting, a discussion session on sustainable mobility topics took place, more focused on flexible mobility, integration of mobility service packages, and several questions were raised by the participants, which demonstrate the concern of potential users of transport services.