On 24.01.2022, the RhineMain Regional Park presented its action plan for the promotion of rural agriculture in the metropolitan area to possible partners and discussed possible developments within the framework of a regional strategy group. The action plan "Developing the cultural landscape. Strengthen agriculture. Experience the Regional Park" is part of the INTERREG project CityZen. As the German partner of the project, the RhineMain Regional Park, together with the IfLS and inspired by the international exchange, has developed an action plan to promote agriculture. The first measures in three areas are to be implemented by 2023:

1. Orchard meadows should be strengthened and valued. For this purpose, a campaign to create awareness is to be developed. A special goal is also to improve the increasing theft along the cultivation areas of farms.

2. There are numerous and very different farms and initiatives along the circular route. Here, a possibility to better include them in the circular route is to be worked out.

3. Agriculture is changing. This applies to urban and rural areas. Possible showpieces, such as permacultures on green spaces or aquaponics systems, should encourage reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of possible developments.

The RhineMain Regional Park works together with various partners in its area to achieve its goals. The results are also presented to the European CityZen stakeholders.