The Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León has implemented the 6 pilot projects included at the Cityzen Project as objective for the Regional Policy Instrument improvement.
The aim of these pilot projects is to integrate urban farming at degraded soils restoration projects, many of them old and small construction and demolition waste landfills.
The six selected landfills were located at the Provinces of Segovia, León and Palencia, at the region of Castilla y León.
A total of 176 volunteers have participated during the months of November and December 2022 in various tree planting tasks in six sites.
In total, 630 fruit trees and berries bush of different species have been planted thanks to the work of the volunteers involved in the Cityzen volunteers program.
The edible trees plantation took place in the dates and locations enlisted below:
•    6th November in Coca (Segovia).
•    27th November in Coca (Segovia).
•    13th November in Perorrubio, Sepúlveda (Segovia).
•    20th November in Pinarejos (Segovia)
•    4th December, Sariegos (León)
•    18th December, Sariegos (León)
•    4th December in Villanueva del Rebollar (Palencia)

Within the species planted we can enlist: Cydonia oblonga, Juglans regia, Malus domestica, Prunus avium, Prunus cerasus, Prunus doméstica, Prunus dulcis, Prunus spinosa, Pyrus communis, and Rubus idaeus.
The areas in which the plantations have been carried out were previously illegal dumps with a significant accumulation of garbage, mainly construction and demolition waste from small domestic works, which has been removed from the sites.
These areas have been restored cofounded by the ERDF Policy Instrument, through the addition of a layer of topsoil in order to return to these spaces its original conditions and to eliminate the degradation that the land has suffered due to illegal dumping.
These activities have only been the beginning of future activities that will be carried out by associations, municipalities and entities interested in other volunteer activities around the restored spaces, such as irrigation of the trees, maintenance of the trees, grafts, pruning, fruit picking and transformation of it.
Many thanks to all the volunteers involved for this great work.