We are happy to announce that our CityZen Guide on how to do it yourself a vertical garden for urban farming is now available in English. The Guide features step-by-step instructions on 4 models for vertical urban gardens, that are easy to build by the use of recyclable materials offered at the construction building stores. Useful tips on planting and maintaining the gardens are also provided together with the main benefits for urban dwellers. 

You can follow the co-design and testing process of the DIY models at 6 different demo sites in Sofia by watching the CityZen Video Diary on DIY vertical urban gardens.

The early adopters feedback can be also found at our CityZen Library section.

The CityZen pilot action on DIY vertical mini urban gardens aims to promote urban farming among wider range of citizens and employees of business organizations, public institutions and living spaces.  The pilot builds closer links to nature, anti-stress culture at work and living sites and more efficient use of space and food resources in urban settings.

The results of the pilot action will also highlight the potential to make innovations in urban agriculture. 

The CityZen pilot action is carried out by Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund), Sofia Development Association (SDA) and SOfiaGreen to contribute the knowledge exchange among all CityZen partner regions.

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