The CityZen e-Handbook is our final publication that summarizes urban farming experiences, takeaways and lessons learnt by our project partnership that hopefully can serve as useful source for public authorities, practitioners, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and citizens.

The e-Handbook  “Urban Farming: Policies and Practices” features insights by the CityZen partners on the multiple benefits that urban farming brings to the regions for greener and resilient cities, healthy, active and inclusive communities, innovation and knowledge. Each of those aspects are supported by good practice examples stemming from our CityZen regions and contributors. The handbook also gives an overview of the Action Plans that provide the next steps to be taken by the CityZen partners in order to enhance their policy instruments and policy context in support of Urban Farming.

CityZen e-Handbook “Urban Farming: Policies and Practices” for download (4 MB)