CLAY activity continues in February and the Lead Partner Umbria Region (Italy), together with AEuCC (Spain); Regional Development Agency South West Oltenia (Romania); Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (Finland); CTCV: Technological center for Ceramics and Glass (Portugal); Association for the development and the promotion of the european ceramic center (France) will be involved in the second ILE International Learning Meeting in French territory.

The meeting has the objective to present the results of the sector analysis (the first "piece" of CLAY puzzle) and to start a discussion among partners on the second step: “Understanding the needs” (the second "piece" of CLAY puzzle), benefiting from advanced innovation experiences in Limoges Region.

During this meeting, the CLAY transnational working group on Product and Process Innovation, gathering Universities, research institutions and other key actors from partner regions, will be established.

Expected participants are CLAY project partners, their stakeholders (relevant for the Product and Process Innovation transnational working group) and representatives from the local ceramic and innovation ecosystem in the Region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.