CLAY Action Plans, submitted on the 31st of May 2021, have been approved by the JS (Joint secretariat).

Regione Umbria (Italy), lead partner, developed an action plan to boost innovation in product and design quality, processes and marketing, according to the innovation processes of the triple helix model between three elements: region, university and companies.

 Action: Innovative support scheme for SME innovation in the Ceramic sector.

The action aims to support companies to access innovation support in collaboration with the University of Perugia (on the basis of a framework Collaboration Agreement). Innovative processes require interactions among three different actors: University, Government, Industry.

Between July and September 2021, a test call for innovative projects will be prepared and launched under the new grant scheme, within the CLAY pilot action which has received funding by ERDF ROP.

The detail of the Pilot action can be found in the project Library: 

Pole Céramique (France) addresses the need to access information about support for ceramic SMEs in order to innovate design and know how, answering to new trends.

Action: Call for expressions of interest "Innovation-Design and know-how of excellence: Answer to new trends" in order to strengthen the attractiveness of the position of the ceramic sector in the Region from "Gesture to Innovation".

Integrating design at the heart of companies with know-how of excellence enhances the connection and the development of collaborations between designers and individual initiatives or collective projects.

Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (Finland) is creating a service path description and a networking structure to provide ceramics and craft SMEs with information to access funds and advisory, but also tackling the need for public visibility.

Action: Development Needs meet Service Paths – Two Steps to Improve Ceramic and Other CCI SMEs’ Access to Advice and Funding

Policy Need Addressed: Improving Networking and Communication to Overcome Service Gaps

This Action aims to support artisans to better articulate their development needs in the innovation and development environment and the funding authorities to better recognise those needs and to inform more fluently about their development tools. To this end, the Action suggests creating a policy guideline and a specific Service Path Description.

CTCV (Portugal) is extending a voucher scheme to support artistic and artisanal ceramic business to promote innovation, internationalization and R&D.

Action 1: Extend Voucher programme to support artistic and artisanal ceramics business

This action concentrates on the policy for Competitiveness and Internationalization of the Regional Economy in the context of Vouchers Programme, targeted towards a specific topic. This action seeks to increase the knowledge and skills of artisans and artists in order to increase their competitiveness through the development of collective spaces equipped with technology, available to small companies and artisans.

Action 2: Include artistic and artisans ceramics business in criteria of Entrepreneurship and Employment Programme

This Program was created as a public policy instrument to support directly productive business investment, which will aim to stimulate the national production; this programme focus is on the industrial and tourism sector but it can be easily adapted to reinforce the competitiveness of the creative sector, which may impact also with tourism sector.

South West Oltenia (Romania) is fostering interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation through the preservation and innovation of craft ceramics, the integration of product and services and consumer education.

Action 1 – Supporting cross sector collaboration through promoting the competitiveness of SMEs that operate in ceramics and related sectors.

The action aims to prioritize the projects in the ceramics sector through interventions on the evaluation and selection criteria in a favorable way for the projects in the ceramics field.

Action 2 - Monitoring the implementation of funded projects related with the ceramics sector, funded by ROP 2014-2020.

The action will highlight the effectiveness of the support intervention carried out through European funding, will provide information on the real needs of the ceramics sector, will identify future support directions and policies at which new interventions are needed.

Action 3 - Stimulating the involvement of local public organizations and authorities in supporting the development projects of the ceramics sector.

The action envisages the inclusion in the local strategies of a prioritization of the financiers granted to the ceramics sector and of the actions related to the conservation, development and promotion of this sector.

The complete Action plans can be downloaded from the Library section of the Website: