Regione Umbria (Italy), lead partner, developed an action plan to boost innovation in product and design quality, processes and marketing, according to the innovation processes of the triple helix model between three elements: region, university and companies.

Action: Innovative support scheme for SME innovation in the Ceramic sector.

The idea for this action was born after the fourth Interregional Learning Event (ILE) in Portugal (Semester 4), during which the good practice “Thematic Voucher (Innovation, I&D)” was presented. Within this good practice, companies can apply for vouchers to finance support from regional universities on specific innovation projects.

The action aims to support companies to access innovation support in collaboration with the University of Perugia (on the basis of a framework Collaboration Agreement). Innovative processes require interactions among three different actors: University, Government, Industry.

With an absence of ceramic research centres within the Umbria Region, the University of Perugia is the regional reference for innovation. The support service will allow ceramic companies to acquire relevant knowledge and skills for innovation and growth. Learnings from the scheme will also be used to investigate how new funding methods can be applied across ERDF POR funding measures, such as those to fund internationalisation.

Between July and September 2021, a test call for innovative projects will be prepared and launched under the new grant scheme, within the CLAY pilot action which has received funding by ERDF ROP. 

The detail of the Pilot action can be found in the project Library: 

The complete Action plan can be downloaded from the Library section of the Website: