Project News

RASR presented the Regional Action Plan in Savinjska


Regional Development Agency of Savinjska Region presented their RAP on September...

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Becoming greener & energy efficient region


Watch Jure Romih from RASR, Development Agency of Savinjska Region (Slovenia),...

Type: Project

Learning through CLEAN partners' experiences


Watch Elena Farca from Iași Municipality talking about their participation in...

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Increase renewable energy in public buildings


Watch Sofia Mackin from Regional Council of Västernorrland (Sweden) about the...

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Implementing the 50/50 good practice in schools


Watch Nicolas Guerin from SCIC Les 7 Vents in Normandy (France) about the impact...

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Turning North Karelia into a Carbon Neutral Region


Watch Aino Heikura from the Regional Council of North Karelia talking about...

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Energy efficiency upgrades slowed down in hospitals


Watch Martina di Costanzo from ANEA talking about how health companies had to...

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Transforming into a SMART City despite COVID-19


Watch Ainara Amundarain from Fomento de San Sebastian talking about how is...

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Working towards a low-carbon rural area


Watch our Cretan partner speaking on how is affecting COVID-19 pandemic at the...

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Approved the Climate and Energy programme 2030


The target of the Climate and Energy Programme of North Karelia region is to...

Type: Project

Working together to increase energy efficiency


The COVID-19 pandemic does not stop CLEAN project partners on achieving the goal...

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A successful online meeting with all CLEAN partners


Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the 6th steering group meeting of CLEAN...

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