On 17 March 2022, Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform organised the fourth day of its Policy learning week. The focus was on Low-carbon economy and throughout the day the Policy Learning Platform organised different standalone sessions. 

The Regional and local approaches to fight energy poverty workshop focused on how regions can support their inhabitants in energy poverty, beyond the use of energy bill subsidies, by instead supporting the sustainable use of energy.

CLEAN project partner Florian Guillote from Les 7 Vents in Normandy (France) had the opportunity to present "Enerterre Integration Workshops good practice identified in the framework of our project and have proven successful in tackling energy poverty.

In Lower Normandy (France), the Enerterre project enables the rehabilitation of houses in poor condition through volunteering-based participation of inhabitants, supervised by an energy-efficiency professional. The project enables the houses to be renovated, whilst also giving the individuals involved new skills and educating them on energy efficiency. In addition, it allows for the social inclusion of vulnerable citizens. Enerterre has renovated around 60 households and trained more than 320 people.

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