The 3rd Additional Activities partner meeting and the seminar of the CLEAN project will focus on the knowledge transfer on measures addressing energy efficiency in the context of Covid-19 between CLEAN regions, measures that can be translated into policy improvements.

The event takes place in the city of Sundsvall (Sweden) on the 9th of August, CLEAN project partner Regional Council of Västernorrland will host the 3rd interregional seminar on "Measures to improve energy efficiency of public buildings". Each project partner will prepare a presentation showcasing practices from their regions and will be in a hybrid mode.

The seminar is part of the 2 day study visit organized by CLEAN project partner Regional Council of Västernorrland. Click here to find out more about the Study visit.



09.00 Welcome: Sofia Mackin, Head of environmental and sustainability unit, Regional Council of Västernorrland, Regional Council of Västernorrland, Sweden

09.05 CLEAN project: overview: Daniela Copaci, CLEAN Project Manager, ERNACT, Ireland

09.10 Oskar Lindberg, Regional Council of Västernorrland, Sweden

09.30 Lowering carbon footprint: a municipality’s efforts: Sofia Yfanti, Hersonison Municipality, Greece

09.50 SmartKalea project: Iker Martinez, Fomento San Sebastian & SmartKalea monitoring platform and public visualisation by Begoña Laibarra, Software Quality Systems, Fomento San Sebastian, Spain

10.20 Solving climate and energy challenges - perspective of a modern countryside municipality: Anne-Maarit Hyttinen, Development Manager of the Municipality of Tohmajärvi, Finland


10.55 Green City Masterplan Iași: Elena Farca, Iasi Municipality, Romania

11.15 Improve energy efficiency of public buildings in Savinjska Region: Nina Erjavec Ceglar, RASR Development Agency of Savinjska Region, Slovenia

11.35 Eco energetic refurbishment of a middle school structure to be used for municipal offices: Martina Di Costanzo, ANEA - Naples Agency for Energy and Environment, Italy

11.55 Closing: Sofia Mackin, Regional Council of Västernorrland, Sweden