Interreg Europe funded CLEAN project partners had a study visit on the 9th and 10th of August in the city of Sundsvall in Västernorrland (Sweden), hosted by the CLEAN partner Regional Council of Västernorrland and Energikontoret Västernorrland about the solutions that can decrease energy consumption and improve energy efficiency of living and working in the post COVID19 world.

On the 1st day, CLEAN partnership celebrated a seminar on "Measures to improve energy efficiency of public buildings" from the city of Sundsvall and online, after that attendees on site had the opportunity to visit:

  • Mid Sweden University, where the researchers have developed high-capacity batteries using a novel nanomaterial with results that show an increase of capacity by 10 percent. This increase will be of importance for the electric car industry.
  • Sundsvall hospital, where there are using snow to run its cooling system. The technology greatly reduces both the energy consumption and the environmental impact of the hospital. 90 percent less energy is consumed in the cooling of the hospital facilities.

On the 2nd day, attendees had the opportunity to visit Absolicon, the thermic solar system and production line. Their technology extracts energy from the sun and provides solar heating on both process and supply levels to supplement or replace current fuel.

We have to thank all the speakers for their brilliant presentations in the seminar and our partner Regional Council of Västernorrland and Energikontoret Västernorrland for hosted the 2 Day event in Sweden!