Supported by the French Maritime Cluster, the goal of the Observatoire de la Mer is to build a database with reliable figures regarding marine energies in France.

For the 4th time since the Observatory has been created, Pays de la Loire Region has come in first place regarding employment. To illustrate this, the region has topped 1,000 full time employments (FTE), having reached 1,105 jobs, with the creation of 332 full time jobs in 2019. As a comparison, Normandy Region came in second place with 523 FTE. 

Regarding investments in this sector, they are more important than in the other French coastal regions. In 2019, they have doubled and reached roughly 106 million euros. 

The sector is expecting an increase of more than 1,000 FTE in 2020. Revenues and investments should follow this trend (which is confirmed as far as Pays de la Loire Regional Council is concerned, with its supported files): this makes the sector an important lever of economic revival and even more so across the territory of Pays de la Loire. This diagnosis is moreover confirmed by the industrialists questioned within the framework of the recovery plan.