Gathering over 300 participants, the CLIPPER Final Conference provided an opportunity for maritime industry stakeholders from across the whole of Europe to come together.

The CLIPPER project’s final event kicked off with an opening speech by Mrs Tiina Perho, President of the Regional Council of SouthWest Finland. The morning session of the Conference included speeches by Mr Xavier Guilllou from DG MARE, Mrs Catherine Friederes (PWC) on the Blue Invest Platform, and Mr Donagh Cagney (Ocean Energy Europe), on European financial opportunities.

The Final Conference continued with presentations from several maritime industry players such as WINDRAR, TUAS (Turku University of Applied Sciences), and D-ICE, on the subject of diversification.

Lastly, the Final Conference ended with the presentation of the CLIPPER partners’ ecosystems: Blue Park Industry (Turku, Finland), SEM-REV with FLOATGEN, Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Blue Italian Growth, the Italian National Technological Cluster, and finally, Saint Nazaire Offshore wind farm construction steps (EDF).

WATCH the replays of the Final Conference and videos projected during the conference HERE.