According to the Action Plan of the South Muntenia region, in the second phase of implementation of the ClusterFY project they need to implement a concentrated effort for preperation and launch of three calls for proposals for the Prority Axis 1 of ROP, Components 1.1.A, 1.1.B and 1.1.C.

The preparation of those calls  consists on: 

  • Organizing in cooperation with Joint Research Centre, a training course on technology (KETs) management for potential beneficiaries.
  • Support to deepen private sector involvement in RIS3, including clusters, by: Organizing a workshop to introduce the S3 Thematic Platforms (Industrial Modernization, Agri-Food, and Energy Efficiency) to Romanian companies and clusters and stimulate their participation.
  • Supporting the technology-focused events on relevant horizontal RIS3 topics, such as: analysis of global value chains, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), other industrial and emerging technologies, Industry 4.0 and Digital agenda, etc.
  • Support to increase internationalization in research and innovation: Measures for international collaboration. SM RDA will participate in several rollout activities to enhance international/inter-regional linkages and provide opportunities for joint projects, clusters and their members, e.g. technology-focused events on relevant horizontal RIS3 topics. 

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the implementation of these actions was delayed, but RDA South Muntenia managed to organize some of them.

Strengthening University Industry Government Cooperation

12 stakeholders of the ClusterFY project participated to the workshop series 'Strengthening University Industry Government Cooperation' organized by JRC. This workshop series was organized in the framework of the project “Targeted Support to Smart Specialization strategies in Romania” 2016 2020 coordinated by JRC in collaboration with DG REGIO. The project implements a Preparatory Action of the European Parliament called ”The economic competitive advantages and the potential for smart specialization at regional level in Romania”.

Succesful Call Launch

At the same time the Management Authority for ROP, decided to launch a call for proposals for Prority Axis 1 of the ROP, Component 1.1.C.