Clash-ter night during the CLUSTERS3 partners meeting in Riga.

Ministry of Economics in collaboration with the Nordic council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia for the first time organized an alternative format event “Clash-ter night” 18 October.

Success stories are usually presented and welcomed in any auditory, but as many experiences show the way to the success is not always easy going. Professional mistakes can be very painful, in the same time – a lot can be learned. Henry Ford once has told “The only real mistakes is the one from which we learn nothing” 

During the “Clash-ter night” in informal atmosphere attenders had the opportunity to hear stories about professional failure from several brave speakers. Speakers had 7 minutes to share their stories related to cluster formation, entrepreneurship, and self-development activities, supplemented with visualisations, emotions and support from the audience. Such daring was highly appreciated in audience and reminded of the success and humanity factor in any situation or life plan.

Speaker stories let everyone remember that the way to the professional peaks, usually comes with certain challenges, of which overcoming is perhaps the greatest success. Sharing these "success stories" helps others to learn from these mistakes, see the self-learning paths, and learn the lesson – that problems, challenges can be overpassed. Of course self-irony and smiles are natural part of the event.

Lilita Sparāne and Gatis Zamurs

The event was led by experienced and charming expert Lilita Sparāne. She is cluster ex-manager and now the head of the Creative industries division of the Department of Cultural Policy and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

                        Kaspar Nielsen

Evija Pudāne

Stories shared Gatis Zamurs (manager of Latvian wood construction cluster), Evija Pudāne (Latvian Cleantech cluster manager), Kaspar Nielsen (Internationalisation Manager in Cluster Excellence Denmark) and Oskars Priede (public speaking trainer, entrepreneur, and lecturer at Riga Technical University). 

                                                                                                                                                                  Oskars Priede                                                                                 

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