The European Solar Prize 2020 is given to nine prize winners from seven different nations who are particularly committed to the energy transition. The winners in the categories of municipalities, solar architecture, industry, local/regional associations/associations, mobility, media and education contribute with their outstanding projects to renewable and decentralized energy supply in Europe. The Lake Constance Foundation wins the prize in the category regional organizations.

"The Lake Constance Foundation has been committed to renewable energies since its inception," reports Marion Hammerl, long-time managing director of the Lake Constance Foundation. "So projects like the first solar ship HELIO in Germany were visionary and ahead of their time. But they were a milestone in demonstrating that it is possible to travel on the lake with solar energy! Today, serious thought is being given to electric mobility on the lake," Hammerl continued. 

In the case of bioenergy, an uncomfortable and conflicting topic of the energy turnaround, the Lake Constance Foundation pointed out the necessity of an ecologization of cultivation at an early stage. "Wild plant mixtures for bioenergy combine biodiversity and energy production and the consistent use of waste heat in biogas plants are demands that are taken for granted today, but which have required a lot of work in the region and beyond," explains Volker Kromrey, program manager for energy system transformation at the Lake Constance Foundation.


Working together for the energy transition

One reason for the success of the work of the Lake Constance Foundation is the approach of seeking exchange with different stakeholders in all difficult or less difficult areas of energy system transformation. Thus, all international or national projects are dialogue-oriented. Current projects in the field of energy system transformation call for a greater use of renewable energies and describe a way to achieve this for the protection of the environment and the well-being of nature, without forgetting acceptance and enthusiasm for energy system transformation. Current projects in the field of energy system transformation, such as the Coalescce, SocialRES and CSSC-Lab, call for greater use of renewable energies and describe a way in which this can be achieved to protect the environment and benefit nature, without forgetting the acceptance and enthusiasm for energy system transformation.


 "12 years ago, a regional newspaper already ran a headline on the occasion of a won national competition - you are now playing in the national league! Today we can proudly say that we have made it into the European league", remembers Volker Kromrey. "The Lake Constance Foundation is very pleased about this international recognition and is motivated to continue promoting the energy turnaround in the next 25 years. Much remains to be done!

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