Called “Energy transition, now not tomorrow” or “Summer School – Energie, Wende, Punkt the event, in Friedrichshafen, saw Lake Constance Foundation’s Dimitri Vedel, lead a discussion with students on the possible use of digital and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help implement green energy measures. 

The students also learned how to use the “Energieatlas Baden-Württemberg” – an internet portal setup by the German Ministry of the Environment and the LUBW, the German Institute for the Environment, Survey and Nature Conservation.

The portal provides data and maps on renewable energy sites and is designed to help the public understand how community energy projects can and do help their daily lives.

Students also discussed the social impact of energy transition and worked to create their own vision for how the “Energieatlas” could be used.

The results of the work will now be integrated in the COALESCCE work in Germany as an example of how to inform younger people of the advantages of community energy.

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