The fourth thematic event started on Tuesday February 5, 2019 with a session for the partners where the good practices and action plans were discussed, followed by the steering committee. In the afternoon a site visit to the landfill Schöneiche was organised.

On Wednesday February 6, 2019 the event was open to all partners and stakeholders and sessions on landfill gas extraction and water recuperation of landfill management projects were given.   

The full programme can be found here. 

Session on landfill gas:  

  • Short introduction on the landfill gas problem – Dr. Ulrich Stock, LfU Brandenburg (Germany)
  • Landfill gas management in the Maltese islands – Dr. Clyde Falzon, WasteServ Malta (Malta)
  • EU Landfill Gas Control Guidance document - Heijo Scharff, Afvalzorg
  • Adaptation of the IPCC – Gas Model to Middle European Conditions – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard t-Rettenberger, Ingenieurgruppe RUK GmbH
  • Passive weak gas degradation in methane oxidation systems - Prof. Dr. Julia Gebert, Delft University of technology
  • Weak gas treatment – Dr. Stefan Abel, LfU Brandenburg (Germany)
  • CHARM Detection of diffuse landfill gas sources – Mr. Ulbricht, adlares GmbH (Germany)
  • Landfill Aeration as a Contribution to Landfill Stabilization and Climate Protection – Prof. Rainer Stegmann, IFAS (Germany)
  • Short Intro by Heijo Scharff: Comparison between German and Dutch approach to the end of aftercare

Session on leachate water:

  • Leachate collection - G. Burkhardt, icp (Germany)
  • Leachate storage and treatment - G. Burkhardt, icp (Germany)
  • Leachate capturing and purification on a landfill for waste from metallurgic processes – Ms. I. Kitzerow and S. Paßberg, VEO (Germany)
  • Geophysical prospection (ERT) for the detection of accumulation of leachate in a municipal solid waste landfill – Ms. Elena Aguire Lora, SADECO, (Spain)

Next seminar:  

July 2-4, 2019 in Mechelen (Belgium): The fifth thematic seminar will focus on recycling technologies in landfill management projects. Please contact you regional contact person for more information.