The Cohes3ion Partners will get together for the final time to hear about the learnings and impacts from the project.

Wednesday 14th December

15:30 17:00: Cohes3ion management final meeting 

Final management meeting with the partnership of Cohes3ion. 

Thursday 15th December (All times shown are CET)

Interregional Dissemination Event - Closure of Cohes3ion (Bastida lounge, Azkuna Zentroa Alhondiga).

10:00 10:10 Institutional welcome (Olatz Goitia, Managing Director – Beaz Bizkaia (PCB))

10:10 10:25 Interreg Europe: the state of play of interregional cooperation (Vincenzo Caposacale, Interreg EU Technical Secretariat)

10:25 10:50 Keynote speaker Importance of multilevel governance for a successful S3 deployment (Miren Larrea - Orkestra Basque Institute of Competitiveness)

10:50 11:55 Cohes3ion panels: Learnings and Impacts from Cohes3ion

Short introduction video

Panel 1: Refining Overall Frameworks for MLG for S3 Cohes3ion partners from: Bizkaia, Calabria, Southern Region Ireland, Stockholm

Panel 2: Development of specific instruments supporting MLG for S3 Cohes3ion partners from: Mazovia, Ruhr, NW Romania, Wales

11:55 12:00 Closure of event

The event will be facilitated by Jack Vincent

This event will also be steamed live online. Click here to join us