Innovative agricultural production: the case of la Caña Business Group

The work of this business conglomerate, with a strong commitment to development and innovation, applying a logic of strategic alliances with research centers and other public entities, and finally , giving special value to co-products and the circular economy in general, has been embodied in a series of specific projects that allow the development of implementable solutions in the market, both in innovative processes that can be used in the agricultural industry, as well as in specific products that are already in the final stages of being placed on the market.

The company adopted a circular bioeconomy approachBelow you may find some examples of projects related to circular economy funded by either European or national funding.

With European support:

FEDER – INNTERCONECTA Call (2013-2014):

  • ACTIVEOLIVE: Preservation of highly perishable food products through active packaging incorporating natural compounds from the olive industry.

FEDER – INNTERCONECTA Call (2016-2018):

  • BIOREFINA - Biorefinery from residual agricultural and livestock biomass to obtain bioproducts for self-consumption in horticultural crops.

Horizon 2020 :

  • PROSEAFOOD (H2020 ERA-NET SUSFOOD2) : Innovative processing of algae to obtain new and healthy ingredients and food (2018-2020).
  • MEDITOMATO – Bringing innovation and sustainability along the whole value chain in the Mediterranean tomato industry.(2019-2022).

With national support:

CDTI R&D Projects:

  • AVOCEMTUM: Development of a range of guacamoles with functional properties. Revaluation of avocado co-products (2018)

CIEN call:

  • ACTILIFE: Food for a healthy and athletic population. Use of co-products. (2018)
  • FOOD4STROKE: Foods with a neuroprotective effect for active aging in society. Use of co-products (2019).