TV spot about the Central Bohemian Circular Scan

The Praha TV made a short video about the Central Bohemian Circular Scan ! Discover the video here:

Introducing circular economy initiatives from the Central Bohemian Region

The stakeholders were also given the chance to discuss circular economy initiatives from their municipalities.

Main speakers are:

• Mr. Kazda (mayor of Kněžice municipality): Kněžice is a small municipality with approx. 500 inhabitants. This municipality realized quite a large project aiming at self-sufficiency in the field of electricity supply, heating and waste management (the municipality has its own biogas station which covers local electricity consumption). One of the main advantages for inhabitants is guaranteed fixed price for heating which is lower than the price of coal heating.

• Mr. Zeman (Organic Bakery Zemanka): This bakery uses the principles of a circular economy: processes raw materials that have already been used (e. g. coffee grounds, skins from juiced fruit), packs the products in easily recyclable packaging, deliver them to Zero Waste stores, uses shared transport for delivery, uses energy only from renewable sources.

• Mr. Pechlát (Head of Regional Innovation Strategy Team, Central Bohemian Innovation Centre): He speaks about Central Bohemian Circular Scan and main problems of a waste management in the region (e. g. most of Prague`s construction waste is stored on the Central Bohemian Region).

• Mr. Novotný (INCIEN): INCIEN is an author of Central Bohemian Circular Scan, he speaks about principles of preparing circular scans.

• Mr. Tobek (company Paletplastic): He speaks about utilization of recycled plastic waste (only approx. 20 % of it can be recycled).

• Mrs. Jana Skopalíková (Regional Councillor for the Environment and Agriculture): She speaks about public procurement in the region: Central Bohemian Region has a special green public procurement guidelines.

• Mrs. Bízková (The Research, Development and Innovation Council): She speaks about difficulties with promoting green public procurement, representatives of local municipalities are very often afraid of tenders not only for the best price.

• Mr. Jiskra (mayor of Starkoč municipality): This municipality gives financial support to its inhabitants for buying house waste water treatment plant with special monitoring system (the municipality monitors whether all treatment plants work well), cleaned water can be used for example for watering.