Adoption of the action plan to support the agricultural sector transition from linear to circular economy

On the 15th and 16th of June 2022, Pieter Braaksma, councillor of the municipality Noardeast-Fryslân, Kees Wielstra, councillor of the municipality Dantumadiel, Albert van der Ploeg, president of the association Noardelike Fryske Wâlden, Hans Kroodsma, president of the association Agrarisch Collectief Waadrâne, Niek de Boer, director of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied sciences (VHL) and Klaas Fokkinga, deputy of the Province Fryslân signed the action plan co-designed by VHL and the stakeholders of the COLOR CIRCLE project.

Supporting the transition from linear to circular economy in the agricultural sector

The actions under this action plan aim at supporting circular economy development in the agricultural sector. Agriculture was indeed identified during the phase 1 of the project (2019-2022) as the sector where COLOR CIRCLE could support the transition from linear to circular economy in the Province Fryslân.

The implementation of this action plan relies on the commitment of local stakeholders, involved in the COLOR CIRCLE project, such as:

  • Agricultural collectives: NFW and Waadrâne
  • Province of Fryslan
  • Entrepreneurs Federation NoordOost Fryslan (ONOF)
  • Association Circular Fryslan (VCF)
  • Applied University Van Hall Larenstein (HVHL)

In phase 1, the stakeholders agreed on the following actions:

  1. A Contract for Ecoservices delivered in agricultural landscape. Under this action, the partner will map out the possibilities and risks for a number of components crucial for the area services contract.
  2.  Project vouchers to stimulate circular farming. Under this action, 10 to 20 ‘small’ projects with farmers in Fjildlab will be selected. The ‘small’ projects will focus on stimulating circular agriculture and applying lessons learning from COLOR CIRCLE good practices.

Actions inspired by a good practice identified in the first phase of COLOR CIRCLE

Both actions were inspired by the circular economy project booster implemented by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, in France. The regional partners are involved to monitor, learn, influence and shape the actions.

Phase 2: implementing the action plan

The approval of this action plan launches the second phase of the COLOR CIRCLE project, during which each partner will focus on implementing its action plan implementation, animating the local stakeholders’ network and disseminating the project results. The phase 2 will last until July 2023.