Partners are about to complete Phase 1 of the Compete In Project, after the Transfer Workshops, the next step is adoption of the Local action plans.

Each Partner is going to design its own action plan as the document providing details on how the lessons learnt from the cooperation and the exchange of experiences within Compete In will be exploited in order to improve the policy instrument addressed as starting point on each territory for the participation in the Project.

The LAP specifies the nature of the actions to be implemented, their time-frame, the players involved, the costs (if any) and funding sources (if any), it illustrates policy instrument, local context and background, challenges at local level and how they will be tackled.

The action plan indicates concrete measures, to be realized in cooperation with the relevant actors, in order to respond to the needs of each territory, transforming inputs from Partners’ good practices and Transfer workshops’ activities into actions. The Partners, together with their local stakeholders will then test on the ground the actions designed in a two-year second phase of the Project.

LAPs will be presented in the final Interregional Seminar in Reggio Emilia and their abstracts will be published on the Project website.

So, follow us!