We are happy to announce that CONDEREFF had its first international workshop on CDW demolition audits supervision and documentation last April in Spain. The event took place on the 2nd and 3rd of April at the Polytechnic University of Valencia facilities and it was a success.


The event was announced on the project media, some local newspapers and websites in order to bring together all kinds of stakeholders. Some of the most relevant ones were directly invited via telephone or email. In the end, almost 100 participants attended this event. Among them could be found public authorities like the council of environment of Valencia and the autonomous secretary of housing, Public Works and Vertebration of the Territory; the legal representative of an important nonprofit association of selection and recycling of residues of the Construction and the Industry companies; several construction and recycling private companies; some experts from the colleges of architecture or engineering, freelancers and students of the sector, among others.

First day morning, after the workshop opening, four conferences took place. In these conferences, the situation of CDW and existing regulations in Valencia Region were put on the table. The legal framework in pre-demolition audits in Austria and practical experiences and the guidelines for reuse and recycling mineral waste in Germany were also explained. After this, a round table was formed  between the speakers and the main involved stakeholders.

In the afternoon, a trip was organized in order to visit two CDW treatment plants. This trip became very interesting since the partners and the stakeholders could experience first-hand how the current management and treatment of the construction and demolition waste was.


Second day morning, a second round of conferences took place. During this morning the reuse of secondary material in transport structures, roads and geotechnics was presented by a stakeholder invited by Czech Republic partner. Also, the state of art of pre-demolition audits in France and Italy was commented by AURA-EE and ENEA partners. Finally, the Lazio region partner explained us the Italian situation after the Lazio earthquake and the methods used to demolish the damaged building, which meant a very interesting experience exchange of a dramatic case.

Finally, second day afternoon, another dynamic activity was carried out. Some private enterprises of software for construction and demolition showed participants how their tools worked and how these could be used for CDW management.

We believe this event had an important impact regarding the awareness of the different stakeholder’s involved and it was very useful for getting a wider vision of the matter thanks to the partners' contribution.

We are looking forward to attending next workshops of the project in order to continue exchanging expertise and grow together!