On Sept 8th, 2021, Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA) organised the 7th local stakeholder meeting at the official seat of BEA in Budapest, Hungary. The purpose of the meeting was to share the news of BEA as well as about the CRAFTS CODE project, to share the details of the 3rd Interregional Thematic Seminar together with the stakeholders, to learn the Needlecraft Academy’s purpose as the 3rd Hungarian good practice and also, to be updated on how the Action Plan preparation is progressing in Hungary in relation to the CRAFTS CODE project.

János Kele, General Director of Budapest Enterprise Agency, welcomed participants and presented in the meeting news relating to the activities of BEA such as the smart city initiative.

Mónika Alíz Mészáros, EU project manager, informed participants about the status quo of the CRAFTS CODE project as well as other news and summarised the essence of the 3rd International Thematic Seminar which good practices can be useful to each Hungarian stakeholders.

Adrienne Körtvély and Orsolya Spriner, founders of the Needlecraft Academy, introduced their good practice which was the 3rd good practice for Hungary. It is a complex support for craftsmen including the development of professional skills, access to finance and assist in internationalisations (e.g. participation in exhibitions, doing business with craft buyers). This support is a new type of development / knowledge transfer in the professional and entrepreneurial field.

Roland Csordás, sole entrepreneur and subcontractor of BEA, introduced the draft Action Plan for Hungary which was prepared in cooperation with the Hungarian stakeholders. The Action Plan prepared in the CRAFTS CODE project aims to propose measures to be implemented in Budapest within the framework of the development policy aimed at supporting the craft sector and entrepreneurs in the Hungarian capital city in order to effectively contribute to the regional and national competitiveness of small and medium-sized craft enterprises of Hungary with high efficiency relative to the capital's limited resources.

The event was concluded by a networking lunch.