Budapest Enterprise Agency Empowers Local Craftspeople to Flourish in Second Phase of Crafts Code Project

Promoting Business Development and Showcasing Talented Artisans to Wider Audiences

May 5, 2023

Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA) has successfully concluded the second phase of the Crafts Code project, a pioneering initiative aimed at providing talented local craftspeople with the tools and opportunities to develop their businesses and gain exposure in the market. With a focus on understanding the needs and challenges faced by artisans, BEA launched an extensive outreach program that culminated in the selection of 12 exceptional craftsmen and women from a pool of 25 applications.

The project commenced with in-depth interviews with craftspeople, enabling BEA to gain valuable insights into the target group's specific requirements. Armed with this knowledge, the agency invited applicants to participate in various stages of the program. The first step was an event held in Budapest, fostering a platform for the selected artists to network, establish connections, and engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions. Subsequently, two educational sessions were conducted at the BEA's Budapest office, featuring a tax expert who shed light on current regulations and opportunities, as well as a tailor-made marketing training session designed specifically for the artisans. Furthermore, the participants received individual financial and credit advice from BEA, ensuring holistic support for their businesses.

While the initial plan included the establishment of a pop-up store, unforeseen real estate constraints forced a prompt revision of the strategy. Adapting quickly to the situation, BEA devised innovative alternatives. Over 15 craft sessions were organized in a popular café and community space in Budapest, providing the artisans with an interactive platform to showcase their skills and engage with a diverse audience. Additionally, BEA facilitated the presence of four artisans at the renowned Dance House Festival and Fair, an event that attracted more than 15,000 people over two days.  

  To further amplify their reach, BEA plans to support the craftspeople's participation in other popular fairs and is actively organizing an exhibition. To bolster visibility, BEA published 300 copies of a brochure featuring the craftsmen and women, and a dedicated website has been launched to showcase their work and promote upcoming craft sessions.

"The Crafts Code project's second phase exemplifies BEA's commitment to supporting local talent and fostering the growth of the creative industry in Budapest," said János Kele, Project Director of BEA. "We are thrilled to witness the progress made by these exceptional craftspeople, and we remain dedicated to providing them with the necessary resources and platforms to thrive in the market."

The success of the Crafts Code project reflects the importance of nurturing and promoting local craftsmanship. With BEA's continued efforts and dedication, Budapest's vibrant artisan community is poised for continued growth and recognition in the years to come.