Let’s rethink our community spaces!!

CTRIA started this EU funded project in last September. The aim of the project is to find new functions for abandoned community spaces in Székesfehérvár. During the last couple of months, we learned a lot about opinions of young people studying and/or living in the city. We provided some information about their leisure time habits, what kind of places they prefer, where, when and with whom they like spending their free time. Next step of the project will be a competition for young people, who must plan a creative and modern community space near their high school. The project is closely linked to the CTRIA’s action plan, including the operation of 6C Cultural and Creative Industry Cluster.

Creative Platform

CTRIA established a Creative Platform for local companies in the cultural and creative industry. This online collection is a professional online framework to test the acceleration of networking and knowledge transfer on CCI at regional level. Creating this Platform basically enables the achievement of following objectives: 1) visitors can search ideas and collaborating partners in the database, and after registration, they can share their project ideas, and thirdly, through the registration, a professional database is created; 2) assure the advantage of the collection of ideas is that anyone can search for it from anywhere; 3) providing continuous information flow for the cultural and creative industries included in the database. So far 33 CCI companies registered in the database. One of them is presented on CTRIA FB profile every Friday. Friday is our Creative Companies’ Day!