Study Tour Programme

20th May 2018 – Arrival in Italy in the afternoon and pick-up at at 17.30 – Terminal n. 3  

                           Fiumicino Airport. Transfer to the Balletti Park Hotel (S. Martino al

                           Cimino – Viterbo), for dinner and overnight.

21st May 2018 – h. 09:00 Pick up at the Balletti Park Hotel and transfer to Viterbo. 

                           Visit of the Medieval S. Pellegrino quarter.

                           Short break at the “Spazio Pensilina”, where

                           pilgrims, walkers and visitors are welcomed and given infor-

                           mation and assistance. Pilgrims can also get the Stamp

                           and the Pilgrim’s pouch. Meeting with PromoTuscia.

                           h. 11,30 – Briefing Partners/Agenzia Regionale del Turismo

                           h. 13,30 – Lunch at Balletti Park Hotel restaurant.

                           h. 16,00 – Arrival at Mansio Info Point in Formello. Visit of the

                           site and the Maripara hostel. Meeting with Formae Association

                           (managing the Hostel and the Mansio) and other stakeholders,

                           to share experience and know-how

                           h. 20.00 - Dinner in a typical restaurant in Formello

                            Transfer to Autohotel at Formello, for overnight.


22nd May 2018 - h. 09:00 departure to Regional Park of Veio and stop at the crossroad 

                            Vicolo Formello-Formello to walk along the Via Francigena to the

                            Archaeological site of Campetti and Portonaccio together with

                            Veio Regional Park Director

                            Pick-up at Borgo Isola di Farnese to go on with the programme.

                              h. 11.00 – Departure and light lunch at Cavata Flumen Association 

                            (Sermoneta) followed by a short canoeing excursion along the Cavata


                            h. 16:30 - Departure to Terracina. At the arrival visit of the

                            Giove Anxur Temple on the top of Mount S. Angelo and on the way

                            back stop at the old town centre to walk on the original Via Appia.

                            h. 20:00 - Dinner and overnight c/o Hotel Torre del Sole in Terracina.


23rd May 2018 – h. 09:00 Transfer to Itri. Visit of the Medieval Castle. Welcome

                           by the Regional Park of M.A. Director.

                            Pick up and guided walk along the Via Francigena inside

                            the Regional Park of Aurunci Mountains. At the end pick-up and

                            departure to Fondi.

                            h. 12:00 – Arrival to Fondi. Visit of the Pilgrims Info Point and

                            Hostel and meeting with CulturItinera and “Gruppo dei 12”Associations,

                            managing both services. .

                            h. 13:30 – Lunch in a typical restaurant in Fondi

                            h. 15:30 – On the way back stop at Terracina for

                            the last meeting among Partner/Agenzia Regionale del Turismo.

                            for final considerations.

                           After departure from Terracina stop at Forum Appii (Borgo Faiti) 

                           along the Via Appia / Camino di San Paolo

                           Departure to Tres Tabernae (Borgo Flora). 

                           Departure to Rome.

24th May 2018

09:00 – Agenzia Regionale del Turismo. Welcome and meeting:

a. Presentation by Partners related to “St. Paul Footsteps” 

b. Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Cyprus 

c. Region of Central Macedonia, presentation by “Experimental Workshop of Vergina”, Greece 

d. Presentation and discussion of memorandum of understanding and draft Articles of Association, regarding Certification of cultural routes 

e. Conclusion and next steps.

11:30 - Transfer by bus to Basilica di S. Paolo for a guided tour (end of proposed Cultural Route).

14:00 End