The Cult-RInG final conference held online, has been video recorded for future reference.

The video recordings can be found by Session (1, 2, 3) as folllows:

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Cultural Routes as Investments for Growth and Jobs

High-level dissemination event / Final Conference

26 May 2020
On line by videoconference
All times CEST



Session 1:

Opening & Keynote Address - Cult-RInG Interreg Europe main results

Moderator: Dr Constantinos Michailides - Head of Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support, Region of Central Macedonia, Greece(lead partner)

▪ Opening address – Mr Alexandros Thanos, Head of Tourism,  on behalf of Mr Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Governor of Central Macedonia Region, Cult-RInG lead partner, Greece; President of the Committee of the Regions, EU

▪ Interreg Europe: state of play – Mr Erwin Siweris, Programme Director, Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat (confirmed)

▪ Keynote address: The Iron Curtain Trail as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe - Cult-RInG action, Mr Michel Cramer, former Chair of European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee, Germany (confirmed)

▪ István Ujhelyi MEP (S&D, HU), Vice-Chair of Transport and Tourism Committee, European Parliament (confirmed)

▪ Europe Day Manifesto by European Heritage Alliance 3.3, Sneška Quaedvlieg – Mihailovic, Europa Nostra Secretary-General

▪ Overall Achievements and Results of the Cult-RInG Interreg Europe project, Manos Vougioukas, ECTN Secretary-General, Cult-RInG advisory partner

11:30 End of Session 1



Session 2:

Cult-RInG Project Results - Actions on Existing & New Cultural Routes 

Moderator: Raitis Sijats - ECTN President

Results on existing Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe:

▪ St James Way in North Portugal, including Pilot Action, Inter-Community of Alto Minho, Portugal - Carla Gomes CIM Alto Minho and Goretti Silva IPVC

▪ St Olav Ways in west Sweden – Västra Götaland region, Sweden – Marie Fors ▪ Via Francigena south, Lazio Region, Italy – Simone Bozzato, Università di Roma Tor Vergata

▪ The Hansa in north Latvia, Vidzeme Tourism Association, Latvia – Janis Sijats

▪ Iter Vitis in Greece and Cyprus, Region of Central Macedonia, Greece/Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Cyprus – Nicolas Tsifoutis, Marketing manager

▪ The Phoenicians Route smart way in Cyprus, Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Cyprus - Nicolas Tsifoutis, Marketing manager

Results on new European Cultural Routes (10 min each):

▪ ‘Iron Curtain Trail’ in Latvia and along Greece/Bulgaria border, European Cyclists Federation – Vidzeme Tourism Association, Latvia – Janis Sijats

▪ ‘In the footsteps of St Paul, the Apostle of the nations’ in Cyprus, Greece and Italy, Region of Central Macedonia - Miltiadis Nikolaou, Head of Directorate of Tourism, Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

▪ Mythology Routes: Aphrodite and Argonautica, PRBT and ECTN (video clips)

14:00 End of Session 2



Session 3:

Action Plan Implementation – Policy makers Panel Discussion

Moderator: Manos Vougioukas - ECTN Secretary-General

Legacy of the Cult-RInG project results in policy change, regarding sustainable cultural tourism development and promotion along European Cultural Routes, for Growth and Jobs

▪ A key stakeholder’s contribution, Niki Tsilipakou, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Greece

▪ Alexandros Thanos, Head of Tourism, Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

▪ Silvio Marino, staff member of Assessore Regionale al Turismo, Lazio Region, Italy

▪ Conny Brännberg, Chair of Culture Committee, Region Västra Götaland, Sweden

▪ Raitis Sijats, Chairman, Vidzeme Tourism Association (VTA), Latvia

▪ Norte 2000, Portugal

▪ Nasos Hadjigeorgiou, President of Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Cyprus

▪ Piet Jaspert, Europa Nostra Vice-President

Senior Representatives of the selected 6 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe:

▪ Emanuela Panke - Iter Vitis President

▪ Elena Dubinina - Via Francigena European Association Director

▪ Inger Harlevi - The Hansa, DIE HANSE association 

▪ Antonio Barone - The Phoenicians Route Director

Views of experts on the future of European Cultural Routes in sustainable cultural tourism:

▪ Jordi Tresserras, University of Barcelona, Spain

▪ Eleonora Berti, University of Bologna, Italy

Latest developments in European Tourism – Iulia Niculica, European Travel Commission (ETC)

Concluding Remarks:

▪ ECTN Advisory Partner

▪ RDF RCM , Lead partner

16:30 End of Session 3 and final Conference