On 16 May 2017, European Cultural Tourism Network presented Cult-RInG project in the Launch conference of Green Pilgrimage Interreg Europe project, which supports natural and cultural heritage and promotes pilgrimage tourism. The conference was hosted in the Cathedral Lodge by the Diocese of Canterbury, Kent County Council with the participation of other European partners.

The conference gathered experts from across Europe to share their experiences on developing ‘green pilgrimage’, to inspire others across Europe, as well as discussed the environmental, spiritual, community and economic benefits that pilgrimage can bring.

During the event, Cult-RInG project was presented as the only project in the Interreg Europe programme that focuses on cultural routes. The synergies between the two projects were stressed, as 3 religious routes certified by Council of Europe (Saint Olav Ways, Santiago de Compostela, Via Francigena) presented during the Green Pilgrimage conference are of great interest to the Cult-RInG project in terms of economic development and benefits for growth and jobs. There is also existing interaction, as these cultural routes cross Cult-RInG partners regions (Vastra Gotaland region in Sweden by St Olav Ways, Alto-Minho region in Portugal by Santiago de Compostella - Coastal Route, and Lazio region in Italy - current end of Via Francigena).

Moreover, the experience of these cultural routes are of high importance for the development of new cultural routes, particularly for St. Paul's Steps, which will be developed by Cult-RInG project through Cyprus, Greece and Italy .