Interregional Workshop C:

'CCT product development based on CCIs'

with study visits.

The Workshop will be dedicated to the capacity building of partner`s key staff, stakeholders and policy makers and exchange of knowledge/experience on Cultural and Creative Tourism product development which is based on Cultural and Creative industries supported by study visits regarding re-deployment of CCIs for sustainable cultural and creative tourism, supported by External Expert on the topic. 

The event will be organised by Dundee City Council.

All Partners will participate in this Workshop according to the 'Work Plan' (approved at the 1st Steering Group meeting), together with representatives of their stakeholders group. It will include guest speakers, policy makers, partners, representatives of partner`s stakeholders group with external assistance provided by LP/MC team, which will ensure all 4 levels of learning (individual learning, organisational learning, stakeholder learning, external learning). 

The technical study visits will follow, organised on the topic of the workshop by including the 2 day’s activities and conclusions/findings presented.


Outputs: Report on the Workshop with summary of findings, conclusions, recommendations in context of existing best practices CCT product development based on CCIs cultural tourism and development of creative tourism.

The CCT products development based on CCIs will be suitable input for defining relevant actions in the partners' action plans and respective policy instrument improvements.